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Expert Guidance

Developing a custom ring is a process requiring utmost trust in expertise, craftsmanship, and creativity. Hoop La Style is represented by an exceptional team of dedicated specialists who help guarantee a singular level of personalized attention to detail and client service throughout the entire process.

What to Expect

We begin with a high level education to make sure we can speak the same language as we work together to determine the best stone, design, and material for your ring. Please take a moment to read through the following educational resource we’ve prepared as a way to ensure you are starting off on the right track.

Upon receiving your submitted inquiry, a specialist will reach out to you within 48 hours. All of our bespoke pieces will require a deposit, to be determined with your specialist, before we begin working together on your piece. This deposit will go towards the final cost of your custom piece.

All custom work takes approximately 2-6 weeks from the time the final design is agreed upon.

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