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Hoopla style and CCJC studio believe in our responsibility to the Earth and sustainability in our industry.

We work hard on small batch production, and not mass production. Our fashion jewellery is largely made of stainless steel, not mixed metals we believe in PVD plating making our product waterproof and long lasting, as well as a cleaner way a producing fashion jewellery.

We source our product and raw materials from responsible factories and artisans, and pay a fair wage.

We believe in not taking from the Earth and promote the use of lab grown diamonds. Our gold is often from recycled sources, and always from ethically mined sources.

We care about our carbon footprint and reuse packaging to ship our goods. We often try very hard to use less plastic and recycle any plastic we do use.

We believe in giving back to our community and make regular donations to charities like leaf and other women’s organizations.