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HoopLa, Is over 18 years old. A Fashion Company that kept moving toward Jewelry and
Accessories. It was just the most fun and sparkly thing and we wanted to do more of it. Yes, sometimes there is fashion sprinkled in. We can’t help ourselves. We aren’t niche. We make very fine and high quality real gemstone fashion jewelry only in steel to ensure you can wear it everywhere you want and always look good. Hypoallergenic, Waterproof and Genuine Stones. We guarantee everything 

What is all the Hoopla? It is the constant excitement we feel when we see customers wear our product. We design for many large fashion houses and do private label collections. The most rewarding thing we do is every individual who chooses us. 

We like to call ourselves a fashion house who designs, imports and makes fashion fine. We use steel real gold. Real Silver, Real Gems and we use and make genuine gold. We just want to keep making the most beautiful product that will last a lifetime. Where it is Custom or from our ready to wear collections.